I have been a stamp collector since I first did a collection for a badge in Cub Scouts. One day while looking for stamps on eBay I came across someone selling a large collection of old postcards. That started me thinking that perhaps I could buy these postcards and sell them online individually. That was in July of 2001 and the beginning of The Postcard Shoppe.

Postcards are highly collectible - people collect Holiday Greetings or Trains or Animals, you name it. All my postcards are sold at very reasonable prices and my website is divided into many categories so that someone looking for the types of cards they collect can easily find them. I have many customers who ask me to notify them when I get a specific card and I am more than happy to do this.

People often contact me regarding cards that they would like to sell. Perhaps they inherited their grandfather's postcard collection or have a shoebox of postcards they bought at an estate sale. I acquire many of the cards I have this way. Some of these I purchase outright and sometimes I will agree to sell them on consignment.